Friday, February 28, 2014

He did the same thing for me. Then I moved down a bit and started to lick his neck and chest. , male love making.

Male love making: When Mike silent my hole, I almost shot my load. He groaned aloud. I licked his rectum and then his tongue as deep as he could.

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He began to do the same for me. I told Mike to spread his legs wider, then spread his cheeks and licked his ass. Give each other the best we had to offer and driving each other crazy.

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We were licking each other's long cocks, long and big penis  image of long and big penis licking and sucking balls. So we rolled on our sides. Having to move it from the bed to suck me.

I knew Mike was probably a little uncomfortable It felt so damn good to be not only suck his cock, free cock images  image of free cock images , but to have him suck my while.

We started sucking each other again, hot gay boys fuck  image of hot gay boys fuck , this time together. Beautiful hard cock that I wanted in my mouth again. Kissed and licked his belly and finally to the point that

older mature gay video  image of older mature gay video . I moved to the chest. He loved it as much as I did when we were both moaning aloud. We worked on each other's nipples for a long time.

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