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Thursday, December 19, 2013

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I relaxed and sighed, a wave of pleasure ran through me. Groaning as my cock throbbing in his ass. With the final push, I forced myself up to the wall and exploded my cum in his anal passage.

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How do you think I'm some kind of tiny-dicked cuckold. My cock hardened as I listened to my son fuck my wife in the bedroom.

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At first I refused, but his mother always feels sorry for him, he asked me to allow it. In fact, he came to me, begging her to fuck, as he could not get the girl of his own.

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Third, Picture of really big white ass he did not "steal" his mother away from me at all. He was mistaken for a girl a couple of times.


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Always trying to protect the self-esteem of the boy. I heard my son climax in another room, releasing a stream of seeds in his mother's pussy.

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Now he has a full wardrobe of clothes and wigs girls.

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And if I'm going to be stuck with a girly son, I'm going to make the most of it.

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He entered the room, his eyes on the ground in humiliation. He opened the door to find me waiting for him on his bed, my erection in the air.

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Where I waited. Open and my son making his way down the corridor to his room. Picture of monkey having sex with human My heart was pounding with excitement when I heard the bedroom door

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